Portfolio Update – September 2019

9th October 2019


A total of 5.000 were added to the portfolio this month, totaling 36,109.45€. Five new platforms were added, two of them outside from the p2p lending space. Returns were above stated XIRR, but this month’s return (415.45€) benefited greatly from joining bonuses.

Let’s dig in to the details:


1.000€ per month


For the first time within months, I experienced a cash-drag of about 1/4 of my total amount. It seems that the new “Invest and Access” scheme is reducing available loans, and thus to compensate I reduced my minimum interest in the Auto-Invest to 11%. I hope that the cash drag is reduced within October, or I will start reducing my exposure.

Start investing with Mintos and earn a minimum of 10€.


After a negative month, Twino reached a record high of 57€ as a monthly return. It should be noted that my calculated XIRR (7.20%) is less than the stated one on the website (10.38%). Nevertheless, I will maintain my currency exposure settings, with the target of reaching a higher ROI than 12% by the end of the year.


Not much need to be said about RoboCash, completely effortless, calculated XIRR 13.12%.


No cash drag issues anymore, calculated XIRR at 13.25%, significantly higher than the conservatively stated 11.68%. Swaper is one of the platforms that I plan to increase my exposure in the coming months.


Delayed payments continue on Crowdestate for this month. To start decreasing my risk, I completely sold my share of Nord Company for a smaller profit and as for the two delayed Baltic Forest OÜ loans that I own, I set up offers for both of them at the marketplace. For new investors, I would recommend that diversification has to be in different companies, not just different loans. (Baltic forest has multiple loans on the marketplace) So income was considerably lower this month, I expect October to compensate. I also withdrew 1,851€ from the platform, since about 50% of my loans are due this month and there will be a lot of free capital to be re-invested. 


Similar performance to Robocash, with a calculated XIRR of 14.24%, I wouldn’t though add it to the top of my list for additional funding due to the fact that profits are not automatically reinvested.


The 50€ join bonus was very nice to be added along with all the three projects starting to provide their monthly income. One thing I didn’t know apart from the fact that it takes around 2 months to start selling your project in the DCC, is that your returns are taxed and there is a houser’s fee – e.g. for a 30.61€ return, after taxes and fees it stands at 21.87€!


No monthly returns on Bulkestate, loans are payed at the end of their term. Not much to diversify, have invested 500€ to each of 3 projects through the auto-invest tool.

New Investments


The first platform outside from the conventional p2p lending space, it offers 8% per annum on EUR and USD deposits. It is maybe one of the most solid ones in the crypto space, and it would be interesting to see how it turns out. 1.000€ were added and interest was paid daily.


A p2p lending platform that came from the blockchain space. Buyback guarantee, rates about 9-11%. A further 1.000€ were added and even as of today, there is minimum cash drag. (Though you have to set Auto-invest to include even loans with “C” rating) Don’t forget to check my latest review on the Debitum network.


Envestio of the future? Well made platform with very high interesting rates 17%+ along with a buyback guarantee. Invested 1.000€ in 3 different loans. It was interesting to note that each time I made an investment, a 2.5% bonus was credited to my account that I used to invest further to other projects. (About 2,5€ in a 300€ investment)


In course with the goal of geographic diversification, I decided to drop 1.000€ on the Irish-based p2p lending service. They have a very useful auto-invest tool, albeit little bit different that other platforms, but you have to note that “good” loans do not have an excessive XIRR (about 9%), and it takes some time to diversify. Other than that, the 50€ joining bonus was a welcome addition.

Revolut Stocks

Stock free trading? Count me in! I was long searching for a zero-fee stock platform in Europe for buying dividend stocks, and Revolut seems to have offered just that. (Although to non-metal users you have about 3 free trades per month, but generally the fees are small) Though I have only used about half of that amount in buying relevant stocks, since we may be in for a small dive for the stock-market in the near future. Nevertheless, its good to have an almost instant line of buying stock commission free. (you can charge your Revolut balance with a debit card instantly)

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