Portfolio Performance – October 2019

9th November 2019


A total of 4,000€ were added to the portfolio this month, totaling 41,501.21€. Tried out two new platforms, but only increased exposure to Nexo. Thinking of moving away from crowdfunding in the Baltics and increasing exposure to precious metals and lower interest products. XIRR at this months stands at 12%, even though portfolio performance has plateaued at 242.76€.

P2P Lending Investments


By reducing minimum interest to 11%, no more cash drag. I have to admit that with the default of Aforti, I have been thinking of slowly moving to lower-rate p2p platforms. But Mintos would still remain in my portfolio, being the market leader. Make sure you adjust your

Start investing with Mintos and earn a bonus of up to 1% of your deposit.


Twino returned to normality with an XIRR of 15.03%. Very satisfied, seems even with the currency swings annual return stays above 12%.


Completely effortless, very happy with its performance, calculated XIRR 12.26%.


Similar performance to Robocash, effortless and without any cash drag. XIRR 12.89%


Another bad month for Crowdestate. I cannot stress how important is to diversify and not invest more than the total monthly income on any project. I have 2 main problematic loans (the largest by size), the first one being 800€ in Baltic Forest OÜ (VI) which has entered organizational restructuring and delayed payments up to next year. (even secondary market transactions have been suspended) The second one, 1669€ in Tammelehe 6, 76901 Tabasalu (III), has delayed final debt repayment and should wrap it up by 27 November 2019. (though not very likely due to the volume of similar loans in the marketplace)


XIRR 14.58%, really impressed with FastInvest, I would say that FI, along with Swaper and Robocash are some of my favorites for p2p.


The only thing that bothers me with Housers is the taxes and the very slow secondary market (DCC) that takes a lot of time to list the newer projects. Certainly don’t invest a big sum on a project and expect to sell a portion of it later on for a profit. You will just increase your risk. As for this month’s profits, the will be shown by the start of next month.


After a successful first month, tried both withdrawal and saw first-hand the daily interest payments. The ability to withdraw at any time along with the 100m insurance by Lloyds seems to make the cut. Added 4000€.


Payments according to schedule, the repayment mail is a little bit of a nuisance but other than that fine performance. One of the platforms that I will increase exposure. Don’t forget to check my latest review on the Debitum network.


Payments according to schedule, though I would be very reluctant to increase exposure to unsecured business financing in the Baltics, with those rates. If you are willing to take the risk though, make sure you get the 2.5% bonus prior investing.

Investments without cashflow


No monthly income and no problems noted with the 3 investments totaling 1500€. Interest is expected by Aug-2020.


No monthly payments, their default rate seems unchanged. The 50€ joining bonus last month though was a welcome addition.

Value Investments

Revolut Stocks

Taking advantage of the 3 stock trades per month, I increased my portfolio to a total of 6 dividend-paying stocks. I do believe though that it’s not a very good time to invest at the Stock market, so it’s just a test amount.

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