Portfolio Update – August 2019

1st September 2019

Monthly Portfolio Report

For August 2019


August has been an interesting month in general, and apart from a small hiccup with Twino, (being the only one one the negative interest side) the rest of the items performed as expected. I also decided to increase my exposure and invest in Bulkestate, Housers, and FastInvest. Monthly income stands at 380€ per month (194€ from p2p lending). 

Let’s dig in to the details:


1.000€ per month

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Mintos is continuing to be performing as planned, although I start to notice a small (about 5% cash drag) for interest rates over 14%, so I reduced my Auto-Invest to 13% and over. All of my loans are still with Auto-invest with my settings, and I have not yet used their invest-and-access, since I believe that any amount of money that you need in the near term shouldn’t be on an un-insured investment account and you get better XIRR by just using Auto-invest.

You can see more information on my Mintos account here.


Twino is the first of the p2p lending items on my portfolio to have negative interest for this month, primarily because of currency exposure (CE) to the Russian ruble. My auto-invest settings are 50% for CE, and they have reduced the monthly income by 11 according to Twino. Let’s hope that the ruble recovers in the last term of 2019. 


Robocash is continuing to be an effortless investment, with minimum cash drag. Self-calculated XIRR stands at 13.72%!


I am really glad Swaper had finally managed the past few months to correct its cash-drag issue, and using the Auto-invest it’s still an easy experience. XIRR stands at 12.82%!


So there have been a few delayed payments on Crowdestate for this month. For starters, Nord Company has not repayed a portion of the principal due to an outstanding payment for a dredging work and Baltic Forest OÜ has delayed interest payments up to October 20th, mainly due a beetle outbreak destroying European forests. Their story checks out, since there is a real issue with the beetle as you can also see here. Other than that, the rest of the investments perform as planned.


In August I decided to enter Bulkestate with a capital of 2.500. As of now, only 1.500 is invested, since I want to slowly diversify as in Bulkestate there is no option to buy loan agreements from other members. Keep that in mind when starting out and don’t try to rush by investing a lot in a single project, even though if you have diversified in multiple platforms since there is no guarantee.


Since most of the platforms are based in the Baltics, I decided to diversify from a geographic point of view and dropped 3.000 to Housers, a platform that is mainly concerned with the Spanish and Portuguese market. There are not guarantees as well there, and the developments loans have a smaller XIRR of about 9%. One interesting thing I learned recently is that it takes some time after the loan is funded to be able to sell it to the secondary market, so liquefying your investment right after funding has been completed like Crowdestate, is not an option.


Another 1.000 were invested to the auto-invest of FastInvest within August. As of now, only a small 2.50 interest has been received but there seems to be very low cash drag and the profits should start showing from September. Keep in mind that you need to reinvest the profits yourself, as auto-invest only uses the principal.

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