Do you work at sea?

If so, then certainly you would be interested to create a second source of income, one that could provide you with a lifeline when you are ashore. 

  • 1st Target – 1000€ per month 41% 41%

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Track your peer to peer (p2p) investments

Nearly all the platforms give you an indication of your estimated return, but you should keep you own records as well. Check out this spreadsheet to help you achieve that.

How much is enough? - calculate your retirement

Before you set course for an uncharted land, you must always have a certain point you want to achieve. To do that, you need to calculate how much money will you need to retire – a handy calculator can be found here.

Where to bank?

You are a nomad. You want an account with an international bank, supporting multiple currencies and with the minimum transfer fees. And you wanted that yesterday. Don’t lose any more time – click here.

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